Research And Planning Pay Off

Before you start considering what your leaflet / flyer will look like and what pictures, styles and content will be added you need to do some planning and research;

Who are your leaflets/ flyers targeted at?
Demographics of your target audience.
Where will you find your target audience?
Where do your target audience socialise, work, live, visit, shop?
What would your target audience expect?
A small leaflet / flyer with simple information or a lengthy brochure with detailed information and pictures? What do you need to present in order to achieve your primary goal?

Next think about;

What do you want to achieve with your leaflet / flyer?
Your primary goal as mentioned above.
Will your leaflet / flyer have a life expectancy?
Will you display prices and if so when will they go out of date. This will influence the number you print and your distribution time line.

By addressing the above specifics you will be able to answer the following questions and in turn have a clear action plan for your whole leaflet marketing campaign from design and print to distribution.

What appeal your leaflet / flyer needs to have.
What dimensions your leaflet / flyer needs to be.
What your leaflet / flyer needs to include.
Where and how you will distribute your leaflets / flyers.
How many leaflets / flyers you need to print.

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