Putting your leaflets inside a newspaper is not cost-effective

Many entrepreneurs or business people new to leaflet distribution consider the possibility of distributing their leaflets inside a local newspaper or magazine. This can at first seem attractive due to the cheaper distribution cost per thousand leaflets.

The reality however is that when your leaflets go through the door with a paper the homeowner must remove it from the letterbox and physically hold it in their hand. Unless they actually hold your leaflet they will certainly not be able to read it.

Leaflets that are delivered inside a newspaper or magazine are often thrown straight in the bin without the paper even being opened.

At the end of the day it all boils down to a numbers game whereby the reduction in cost offered by the newspaper company to deliver your leaflets is unfortunately accompanied by a massive reduction in the response to your marketing campaign.

At Drop 2 Door, we specialise in solus (your leaflet only) or shared (with one other non-competing leaflet) deliveries. This is designed to give your leaflet the best chance of attracting the homeowner’s attention and, consequently, provoking that all important response.

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