How important is color in the leaflet, the game fonts, etc.?

Elena Ilina: This is very important. Here are just a question of design. You can not save on paying those whom you trust “make your face.” You need to make educated brief (TOR) and find a designer who would understand your problem. This is joint work of competent marketer and designer. However, it is impossible to go beyond, especially if advertising is addressed to business people. After all, for many years of work they are accustomed to certain rules. In this case, the outrageous can be present only within reasonable limits. Otherwise there will be rejection of advertising. If we are talking about the mass consumer, you can do a lot of things, “going beyond”.

Tatiana Pantsireva: The brighter – the better, the more attention you can attract. But again, a lot depends on the location of distribution: near the same subway makes no sense to hand out leaflets expensive.

Pavel Orlov: Color – one of the most important components of a successful ad unit. Playing with fonts is possible. However, according to studies, people are able to perceive only three different fonts on one page. Important “not to play too long” and not to exceed this limit.

Sergei Golikov: It depends again on the scope of businesses that advertise their products/services. One-color flyer less attractive than full color, but when it comes to efficiency, it is affected by many factors: from the audience, which is designed leaflet and ending with its distribution method. One of the most important factors is the design of the handbill. It should not be overloaded with flowers, the information should not be intrusive. Leaflet – a quick, inexpensive and mass way of conveying information.

Therefore, the choice of color is necessary to consider cost and profitability of the project. As for the game with fonts – it is easier. The design of any print production professional designers use no more than 2-3 fonts, but the selection of the right, the most effective font depends on the advertised products/services. By the way, the large companies are developing fonts specifically for yourself in the future, during the advertising companies, use only them.

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