Leaflet Distribution – The Key Is A Plan

One of the main challenges in leaflet marketing for small businesses is distribution.
I admit that I’ve done it myself, but time and time again I speak with people who have thousands of leaflets still sat in boxes at the office which are either now out of date or have no action plan to leave the dusty box they sit in. Others have commented that their return and generated sales / enquiries from their leaflets has been little to none.

You can avoid this waste of resources by firstly following the above steps and truly understanding your leaflet marketing specifics. From here you can address the next major phase that is Leaflet Distribution in West Wales.
To do this, consider the following points and begin to plan your leaflet distribution efforts in Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire West Wales.

Understand your target audience

Know who your target audience are in regard to age, sex, and ethnicity. Learn where they socialise, work, shop, live, visit and what they read, watch and listen to. You can begin to concentrate distribution efforts from this information.

Hand out leaflets in the street

If your target audience are found out and about in the town consider handing leaflets to passers by. Check with local authorities first about any by-laws in place for the areas you wish to distribute. This method often receives avoidance by passers by, so consider screening the people you hand leaflets to first or talking to individuals one to one before handing them a leaflet to gauge interest. My top tip here is be prepared to pickup dropped leaflets, you’ll do more damage to your campaign and business by littering the streets with your company flyers.

Go small

If you are handing leaflets out in the street you may want to think about the size of your leaflets. Credit card size receive the lowest drop-rate (the amount of leaflets dropped on the floor by people) because they fit easily into pockets or wallets. Larger, thick leaflets can put people off even taking it from you.

Post to your customers

An obvious method is to post your leaflet out to all your existing customers. This could be a one off occurrence or part of a regular newsletter, either way make sure you understand all your obligations in regard to the Data Protect Act and the EU Privacy Regulations. See my Email Marketing Legal Requirements article for links to the full Acts and Regulations mentioned here.

Place inside packaged orders

If you run an online shop or post out goods to customers place a leaflet inside the packed order. You could apply this same method to customers shopping in store. You may want to produce specific leaflets for this purpose, such as latest sales / discount voucher towards next order or a leaflet to raise brand awareness further.

Be a leaflet insert

Have your leaflets inserted into an established publication that is already distributed across your target area, such as Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire. Newsletters, local magazines and directories may offer this service at a cost.

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