Does the effectiveness of leaflets on how they get to the potential customer?

Elena Ilina: If leaflet offers “Lose weight quickly!” – Is on the pillars. If the new jewelry store says of himself: “We – next!” – You need to give out on the street. But if the reported flu prevention or durable goods – ie when you need some time to study the issue – you need targeted delivery.

Tatiana Pantsireva: I think it depends. I, for example, if you start to look for something, pay attention to any advertisement placed anywhere – even on the posts.

Pavel Orlov: We prove by experience: the highest percentage prochitanogo has targeted delivery. After all, if a leaflet distributed unstuck or near the metro, it is clear that its customer, if and to make some order, it is likely small. But the mail, addressed to a specific audience usually increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Julia Kazachuk: Of course there is more advantageous placement of stickers – such are viewed even at rush hour, a large gathering of people. Accordingly, this increases the efficiency of advertising. Depending on the construction of this policy and the cost of advertising spots. In the subway is considered the most effective place to “second floor” between the door and the window. At the most expensive line – Ring – it is, without taking into account the various discounts, costs (as of this writing. – Approx. PS) $ 105 per month. True, we only sell packages – 110 or 220 seats. And the least effective – a place on the bevel between the wall and the ceiling of the car. It costs $ 6.

Sergei Golikov: Yes, directly. But for each sphere of business activities of the firm develops individual distribution method.

How much, in your opinion, the high efficiency of advertising in the subway?

Julia Kazachuk: It depends on what is advertised. If it is any expensive equipment or vehicles, then such stickers do not really pay attention to: the subway rides are not the target audience for these products. And when it comes to affordable essential drugs – is another matter. However, the duration of the advertising campaign is also of great importance. If the sticker hanging month – on the subject of advertising are all very soon forget. And when it comes to people’s eyes, say, three months, it becomes for passengers almost native.

Is it worth it to apply to the distribution of leaflets or advertising agency can do on their own?

Elena Ilina: If strong enough, it is possible and necessary. But for high-quality distribution of own resources is usually not enough. I think in any case it is better to contact the professionals. On this lot will not lose, but mistakes can be avoided.

Tatiana Pantsireva: Better contact the advertising agency. Hiring and grandparents – is ineffective. Because for them it will be necessary to follow. By the way, the police watching them too. Not to mention the fact that the following are the same crowd grandparents hired competitors. And the agency for this service takes a very small percentage.

Pavel Orlov: If the subordinate has a dozen responsible couriers can not use the services of agencies.

Julia Kazachuk: Certainly, through large advertising agencies distribute advertising their products or services is much more profitable. Although it is probably not the size, but that the agency has established itself in the advertising market, how long it has been in business. These advertising agencies have their own experience, discount system, established production in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

Sergei Golikov: Required – bit of a misnomer. We recommend that you contact the advertising agencies for the manufacture and distribution of leaflets, as RA has targeted a program that takes into account where the distribution of leaflets will be more efficient (not always possible to produce pasting), the people who will be engaged in the distribution and provide a report (distribution of “Sampling”, the mailboxes), professional designers who develop the design layout of the leaflets (competent, unobtrusive appearance), to prepare it for printing and typography print the desired circulation (quality, cost). Thus, you save a lot of time, money, nerves, and your flyer will have a decent view.

What should I pay special attention to the manufacture of the design layout leaflets? That it must necessarily be present, and which should not be?

Elena Ilina: First of all, the right to formulate the basic idea that the advertiser wants to convey to the potential customer. So that consumers understand this point clearly (without distortion). And should avoid grammatical and stylistic errors. Otherwise, an educated man (do not underestimate their destinations) negatively perceive such advertising.

Tatiana Pantsireva: Be sure that there are clear coordinates, including the name of the subway station. Even if a person in a car, he will know which area is firm. It is necessary to place and price list. Everyone knows that the leaflet – it zavlekalovka. In this case, the information contained in it, must be truthful. Very often, the actual prices are much higher than indicated in the leaflet. It turns away potential buyers from the advertiser.

Pavel Orlov: There should be the name of the organization, a summary of the sphere of its activity, the list of services and contacts. And there should not be anything else.

Julia Kazachuk: There are certain technical and legal requirements of its production, and everything else – is the wishes of the customer, as well as imagination and professionalism of a designer.

Sergei Golikov: When making the design layout leaflets special attention should be paid to the fact that it has developed a professional designer of the advertising agency or design studio!

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