Tips for creating an effective Leaflet/Flyer

No matter what your business is, it will almost always benefit from leaflet distribution in your target locations. Of course there are some exceptions, but in general what a business needs is publicity, public relations and visibility in the market place, to distinguish from their competitors.

So it’s not really a matter of why you should be printing and distributing leaflets – the question is how! How will you make your leaflets different from the rest? Here are a few tips on how to get the most return on investment when participating in printed media.

Firstly – what’s the first think you think when you receive a leaflet in the street or through the post box? It’s usually; “which bin shall I put this in”, which is the absolutely opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. So how can we combat this…? There are two very simple options to reduce this factor as much as possible.

1. Know your target audience – This is something that many businesses rarely think about, for example you don’t want to go handing out pizza flyers outside a gym. Delivering pizza flyers to local houses on a Friday afternoon would be a much smarter option and increase the likeliness of getting orders.

2. Make it different – Design is so important in an age where dozens of flyers are posted and handed every second, if your leaflet looks just like the other 5 pizza shops leaflets in the local area… Why should the customer not throw yours away too? There’s nothing worse than a badly designed leaflet, put the effort in or pay for the design services and quality printing!

Dallas Flooring Warehouse

3. How are you different? – Again back to the same point, you don’t want your leaflet design the exact same as Sloppy Joe’s pizza place next door so sell your individuality as a business too, people like USP’s (unique selling points if you didn’t know). If your pizzas are organic or made by a real Italian chef… People like to know how you are different from the crowd – so shout about it!

Finally if you can design a leaflet and you can get your USP’s across to your customers then it’s time to print. Now this can go disastrously wrong if not done correctly, or it can go brilliantly and save a load of money if done correctly (so listen up!). A good place to start is with paper, it’s recommended you don’t skimp on paper as it could compromise the whole quality of design USP’s and target audience. Go for a glossy double sided, sharp colour and text reproduction – if you can get it from HP that’s great, if not buy Samsung for the premium quality finish.

Next you need to think about your printer, again if you have a premium brand such as HP, Samsung, Epson etc, and the higher quality you will receive in your flyers. Almost all printers are fully capable of leaflet printing, providing the software (such as word) is set up correctly.

The ink or toner you’re using is the most important part of the equation, go for a cheap ink and toner and you will end up with a cheap leaflet that looks amateur. It’s recommended to use a high end HP toner with one of HP’s LaserJet series for professional and fast printing.

Of course you don’t specifically need £1000 of equipment to create your flyers, just some quality components and a head on your shoulders. Follow the tips above for success in printed media and we hope you contact LDM UK for a second to none service in distribution to your target locations!

Having your leaflets delivered with four or five other mail items don’t save you money

Some distribution companies offer you a reduced price if they put your leaflet through with four or five other flyers (shared delivery).

Research has shown that, whilst the addition of one other flyer makes no real measurable difference to the overall response rate, when you add as many as three or four other flyers to your own the response rate decreases significantly.

This will often mean that overall your profit margin will be reduced.

At Drop 2 Door, we specialise in solus (your leaflet only) or shared (with one other non-competing leaflet) deliveries. This is designed to give your leaflet the best chance of attracting the homeowner’s attention and, consequently, provoking that all important response.

Putting your leaflets inside a newspaper is not cost-effective

Many entrepreneurs or business people new to leaflet distribution consider the possibility of distributing their leaflets inside a local newspaper or magazine. This can at first seem attractive due to the cheaper distribution cost per thousand leaflets.

The reality however is that when your leaflets go through the door with a paper the homeowner must remove it from the letterbox and physically hold it in their hand. Unless they actually hold your leaflet they will certainly not be able to read it.

Leaflets that are delivered inside a newspaper or magazine are often thrown straight in the bin without the paper even being opened.

At the end of the day it all boils down to a numbers game whereby the reduction in cost offered by the newspaper company to deliver your leaflets is unfortunately accompanied by a massive reduction in the response to your marketing campaign.

At Drop 2 Door, we specialise in solus (your leaflet only) or shared (with one other non-competing leaflet) deliveries. This is designed to give your leaflet the best chance of attracting the homeowner’s attention and, consequently, provoking that all important response.

Top 5 leaflet marketing distribution tips

Leaflet marketing can be an easy and effective way to promote your small business. While it is by no means the holy grail, nor should it completely replace your online marketing efforts, if used in the correct way it can prove to be a cost effective medium for startup businesses looking to promote their services.

As with all types of marketing or promotion, there are many factors to consider before starting the design process, which will be the foundation of your success.

Who are your leaflets or flyers targeted at?
How will you find your target audience?
What kind of leaflet / messaging will your audience expect?
What is your goal with leaflet marketing?
Will your flyers be time sensitive?

All of the above points will influence the design, tone, number of leaflets you print, and the distribution methods and timeline. By answering all of these questions you will be able to set yourself a clear action plan, whilst refining your efforts and reducing costs.

With a clear plan in place, now it’s time to design and distribute your leaflets. Here are my top 10 tips to ensure you don’t end up with boxes of wasted leaflets clogging up your office space.

Go small or go home

If you’re going to be handing out leaflets in the street, at trade shows, exhibitions, or events, then it’s important to think about the size. You will want to make sure people can easily fit them into their pockets, wallets, or bags, so as to reduce the potential drop-rate. If credit card size leaflets are too small for the messaging you want to convey, then think about A5 leaflets, which are a great all-purpose size, or even A6 if you want to go a little smaller. While A3 size might grab people’s attention, the last thing you want is for your leaflets to be dropped and left on the floor.

Collaborate with a complimentary business

Finding a complimentary business is one of the best ways of distributing your leaflets, especially if they already have their own distribution methods. Whether it’s inside carrier bags in shops, or beside the tills, it’s a great way to advertise your business locally. This method will involve building good relationships with potential partners, to ensure you don’t get rejected, and your flyers don’t go to waste.

Create and distribute leaflet inserts

Having your leaflets inserted into an influential publication can a great strategy, especially if they already distribute across your target area. Although this will most likely come at a cost, securing a leaflet insert in a local newspaper, magazine, or other publication could land your business quite literally on the doorstep of your exact target audience.

Sponsor an event

If sponsoring an event, you may be able to negotiate the opportunity to distribute your own leaflet to attendees. Whether as part of a branded ‘goodie bag’, hand to hand delivery on the door or elsewhere, or via a display table for attendees to pick up at their leisure. Make sure the event is relevant to your business and culture so that, not only can you clearly show an incentive, but you can also maximize your return from sponsorship.

Timing is everything

Make sure you plan the timing of your leaflet distribution appropriately. Think about whether it makes sense to distribute in phases, pre- or post- event, coinciding with seasons or holidays etc. The more you plan the timing of your distribution methods, the more likely you are to reduce wastage.

These are only 5 tips for maximizing your leaflet promotion and offline marketing efforts, there are certainly many more. However, hopefully they have given you some food for thought and inspiration for planning your own promotional campaigns. For some creative inspiration, have a look at these 40 eye-catching flyer designs.

Leaflet Distribution – The Key Is A Plan – Part Three

Hold a promotional day

If suitable, hold a promotional day at your business premises / shop and hand leaflets to passers by and those who attend. Any attendee’s are prime candidates because they already show an interest in your business / products / services.

Piggyback a postal mailing list

Find a local business who has an established postal mailing list, like The Queens Hall in Narberth and offer a donation in return for your leaflets being inserted into their postal mail-out. Companies are always looking to reduce the cost of postage, so this can be a win win situation for everyone. Note that you will need to consider the target audience of the mail-out and if they co-inside with your own desired target audience.

Place on car windscreens

Note I don’t personally recommend this method, I’m mentioning it here to point out that I don’t recommend it and hope that you will perhaps share my opinion.

Place leaflets under car windscreens in car parks or on road sides. Note you may have to address rights with the car
park owners / authorities and the potential for complaints against vehicle damage is open to anyone.

Follow them into the night

This is an example for a specific business but the principle is that you go out of your way or break ‘the norm’ to go where your target audience are. If that means outside normal workings hours then so be it. See example below;
Lets say you run a nightclub or bar, you may want to visit other local nightclubs/ bars to hand out your leaflets in the street to people leaving that premises. This will often mean late nights, cold, probably wet conditions and the inevitable random questions from people who have drunk a little too much. Most security staff and establishment owners dislike this in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire so be prepared for conflict. Again contact your local authority for clarification on by-laws and pickup any dropped leaflets you find.

Send a postcard

A slightly different idea would be to produce a postcard that advertises your business, like Jabajak did. Jabajak is a restaurant with rooms in Wales, they produced a postcard for guests to buy and either keep as a memento or send on to their friends, which in all raises brand awareness. Ideal for holiday cottages in Newport for example, or other accommodation based business’ like bed & breakfast Carmarthenshire.

Distribute to influencers

Send bundles of leaflets to people who are influential or have a status within a group or network of people that are in your target audience. Build a relationship with these influencers, as their network of friends / members could be an avenue you’d find hard to tap into by yourself. Consider offering incentives and monitor what type of responses achieve.

Drop leaflets from a plane

No I’m joking, I don’t believe this is legal in the UK, so don’t do this!


Strange as it sounds consider asking your local GP surgery or hospital if you can display leaflets in waiting areas. We’ve all had to sit in the waiting area and picked up the first copy of OK magazine or National Geographic to pass the time. This could be a great opportunity to gain a readers attention. Other waiting areas could be approached such as dentists, vets etc. Note I have not tried this method myself and therefore cannot verify if any of the above establishments would be willing to participate, I will look to investigate and post my results.

When getting a MOT & new tyres

Same principle as the NHS method, but ask your local motoring garage to stock your leaflets in their waiting area if they have one. We often hang around waiting for our MOT to finish or a set of new tyres from the best tyre dealers in Carmarthen. Often enough we have a selection of car magazines to drool over, but again this could be an interesting opportunity for leaflet distribution.

Kids love balloons

If your business is aimed at children then you must give this a try. A company I work with offers children’s parachute parties in Pembrokeshire (definitely worth a try for your child’s birthday). At the end of the parties children are given a helium balloon, which obviously they love and hang on to for dear life. Attached to the balloon is a business card sized balloon tag, that has the parachute parties logo and details on. It’s a great way to promote their business to 20+ more parents who will inevitably read the tag on their child’s balloon. Another method is to print onto the actual balloons but this can become costly and once the balloon pops or deflates its gone in the bin.

Leaflet Distribution – The Key Is A Plan – Part Two

Collaborate with complimentary businesses

Find complimentary businesses to help distribute your leaflets either through their own distribution plans or if they have a high street shop, perhaps inside carrier bags or on the counter at the tills.

Ask shops to display at the tills

Ask shop owners who your target audience often visit to display small stacks of leaflets at the tills or checkout. This is often a common place to find local advertising however many shops discourage this method and will either say no or take your flyers and recycle them soon after, a waste of resources. So build good relationships with shop owners, possibly with incentives.

Stock control your leaflets

It may sound odd or a chore but controlling the number of leaflets you give out can maximise your potential and minimise waste. Giving the local newsagents 200 leaflets when they realistically will only shift about 25 is over stocking. Make smaller bundles and restock if required.

Support / Sponsor an event

By sponsoring or supporting an event such as a village fete, fundraising ball, music event, charity dinner, school production, local football tournament, sporting event you might be able to negotiate the opportunity to distribute your leaflets to all those attending whether through hand to hand delivery or a display table.

Attend exhibitions & trades shows

Book a stall at a local exhibition or trade show and pass out leaflets to passers by as well as talk to them in more detail about what you have to offer. You may even be allowed to display your products / services.
On the other hand you may be able to pay for the opportunity to pass out leaflets to all exhibition / trade show attendees or at least have them displayed on tables within the shows.

Visit county shows

Similar to the above, why not have a stall at one of our county shows? Pembrokeshire county show and Carmarthenshire county show both attract a huge number of visitors. As they are agricultural shows consider if this suits your target audience. You may be able to negotiate the rights to distribute leaflets around the show to passers by, contact show organisers for details.

Leaflet dispensers

Agree with shops, business’ or establishments that you can erect a leaflet dispenser at their business location. There are more permanent leaflet distribution points than the ones at local shops where you have asked the owners to display leaflets near the tills. You could even have a custom designed leaflet dispenser to add more appeal and brand awareness. Obviously devise a way to keep these stocked with leaflets.

Car window dispenser

Have you ever seen car window leaflet dispensers? They clip to the window on the outside of the car and allow you to display leaflets while the car is parked… obviously! This is commonly used in public car parks where numbers of passers by are present. The effectiveness of this method can seem a little weak, it may work better on sign-written vehicles that prominently promote brand awareness.

Plot the miles

If you need to drive around many locations to distribute your leaflets take time to plan your journey to save on fuel and time. Also be specific to which locations / shops / businesses you need to visit to avoid wasted time and effort. Your first trip might be less specific on where to visit but try to make a note of which shops / businesses / locations agreed to display your leaflets so that in the future you can be more direct.

Time it right

Timing the distribution of your leaflets in phases or to co-inside with the seasons is always worth considering if the circumstances dictate. Perhaps you’re advertising an event that requires promotion early on and then a refresh a week before. Or your opening a new nursery that would suit distribution close to school term holidays should you take on new placements around term times. Think about your business and industry and identify any time based requirements that could be utilised.

Door to door

If your leaflets suit the majority of house holds you could try door to door leaflet distribution. Simply travel to a local town and post your leaflets through letter boxes. Note you may need a large number of leaflets to do this adequately and may have to walk some distances. Also note that you could use the Royal Mail leaflet distribution service or another third party leaflet distribution company who charge a nominal fee for x-amount of leaflets. (Do a web search for ‘leaflet distribution services’ in your area).

Leaflet Distribution – The Key Is A Plan

One of the main challenges in leaflet marketing for small businesses is distribution.
I admit that I’ve done it myself, but time and time again I speak with people who have thousands of leaflets still sat in boxes at the office which are either now out of date or have no action plan to leave the dusty box they sit in. Others have commented that their return and generated sales / enquiries from their leaflets has been little to none.

You can avoid this waste of resources by firstly following the above steps and truly understanding your leaflet marketing specifics. From here you can address the next major phase that is Leaflet Distribution in West Wales.
To do this, consider the following points and begin to plan your leaflet distribution efforts in Pembrokeshire / Carmarthenshire West Wales.

Understand your target audience

Know who your target audience are in regard to age, sex, and ethnicity. Learn where they socialise, work, shop, live, visit and what they read, watch and listen to. You can begin to concentrate distribution efforts from this information.

Hand out leaflets in the street

If your target audience are found out and about in the town consider handing leaflets to passers by. Check with local authorities first about any by-laws in place for the areas you wish to distribute. This method often receives avoidance by passers by, so consider screening the people you hand leaflets to first or talking to individuals one to one before handing them a leaflet to gauge interest. My top tip here is be prepared to pickup dropped leaflets, you’ll do more damage to your campaign and business by littering the streets with your company flyers.

Go small

If you are handing leaflets out in the street you may want to think about the size of your leaflets. Credit card size receive the lowest drop-rate (the amount of leaflets dropped on the floor by people) because they fit easily into pockets or wallets. Larger, thick leaflets can put people off even taking it from you.

Post to your customers

An obvious method is to post your leaflet out to all your existing customers. This could be a one off occurrence or part of a regular newsletter, either way make sure you understand all your obligations in regard to the Data Protect Act and the EU Privacy Regulations. See my Email Marketing Legal Requirements article for links to the full Acts and Regulations mentioned here.

Place inside packaged orders

If you run an online shop or post out goods to customers place a leaflet inside the packed order. You could apply this same method to customers shopping in store. You may want to produce specific leaflets for this purpose, such as latest sales / discount voucher towards next order or a leaflet to raise brand awareness further.

Be a leaflet insert

Have your leaflets inserted into an established publication that is already distributed across your target area, such as Pembrokeshire or Carmarthenshire. Newsletters, local magazines and directories may offer this service at a cost.

Research And Planning Pay Off

Before you start considering what your leaflet / flyer will look like and what pictures, styles and content will be added you need to do some planning and research;

Who are your leaflets/ flyers targeted at?
Demographics of your target audience.
Where will you find your target audience?
Where do your target audience socialise, work, live, visit, shop?
What would your target audience expect?
A small leaflet / flyer with simple information or a lengthy brochure with detailed information and pictures? What do you need to present in order to achieve your primary goal?

Next think about;

What do you want to achieve with your leaflet / flyer?
Your primary goal as mentioned above.
Will your leaflet / flyer have a life expectancy?
Will you display prices and if so when will they go out of date. This will influence the number you print and your distribution time line.

By addressing the above specifics you will be able to answer the following questions and in turn have a clear action plan for your whole leaflet marketing campaign from design and print to distribution.

What appeal your leaflet / flyer needs to have.
What dimensions your leaflet / flyer needs to be.
What your leaflet / flyer needs to include.
Where and how you will distribute your leaflets / flyers.
How many leaflets / flyers you need to print.

Does the effectiveness of leaflets on how they get to the potential customer?

Elena Ilina: If leaflet offers “Lose weight quickly!” – Is on the pillars. If the new jewelry store says of himself: “We – next!” – You need to give out on the street. But if the reported flu prevention or durable goods – ie when you need some time to study the issue – you need targeted delivery.

Tatiana Pantsireva: I think it depends. I, for example, if you start to look for something, pay attention to any advertisement placed anywhere – even on the posts.

Pavel Orlov: We prove by experience: the highest percentage prochitanogo has targeted delivery. After all, if a leaflet distributed unstuck or near the metro, it is clear that its customer, if and to make some order, it is likely small. But the mail, addressed to a specific audience usually increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Julia Kazachuk: Of course there is more advantageous placement of stickers – such are viewed even at rush hour, a large gathering of people. Accordingly, this increases the efficiency of advertising. Depending on the construction of this policy and the cost of advertising spots. In the subway is considered the most effective place to “second floor” between the door and the window. At the most expensive line – Ring – it is, without taking into account the various discounts, costs (as of this writing. – Approx. PS) $ 105 per month. True, we only sell packages – 110 or 220 seats. And the least effective – a place on the bevel between the wall and the ceiling of the car. It costs $ 6.

Sergei Golikov: Yes, directly. But for each sphere of business activities of the firm develops individual distribution method.

How much, in your opinion, the high efficiency of advertising in the subway?

Julia Kazachuk: It depends on what is advertised. If it is any expensive equipment or vehicles, then such stickers do not really pay attention to: the subway rides are not the target audience for these products. And when it comes to affordable essential drugs – is another matter. However, the duration of the advertising campaign is also of great importance. If the sticker hanging month – on the subject of advertising are all very soon forget. And when it comes to people’s eyes, say, three months, it becomes for passengers almost native.

Is it worth it to apply to the distribution of leaflets or advertising agency can do on their own?

Elena Ilina: If strong enough, it is possible and necessary. But for high-quality distribution of own resources is usually not enough. I think in any case it is better to contact the professionals. On this lot will not lose, but mistakes can be avoided.

Tatiana Pantsireva: Better contact the advertising agency. Hiring and grandparents – is ineffective. Because for them it will be necessary to follow. By the way, the police watching them too. Not to mention the fact that the following are the same crowd grandparents hired competitors. And the agency for this service takes a very small percentage.

Pavel Orlov: If the subordinate has a dozen responsible couriers can not use the services of agencies.

Julia Kazachuk: Certainly, through large advertising agencies distribute advertising their products or services is much more profitable. Although it is probably not the size, but that the agency has established itself in the advertising market, how long it has been in business. These advertising agencies have their own experience, discount system, established production in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

Sergei Golikov: Required – bit of a misnomer. We recommend that you contact the advertising agencies for the manufacture and distribution of leaflets, as RA has targeted a program that takes into account where the distribution of leaflets will be more efficient (not always possible to produce pasting), the people who will be engaged in the distribution and provide a report (distribution of “Sampling”, the mailboxes), professional designers who develop the design layout of the leaflets (competent, unobtrusive appearance), to prepare it for printing and typography print the desired circulation (quality, cost). Thus, you save a lot of time, money, nerves, and your flyer will have a decent view.

What should I pay special attention to the manufacture of the design layout leaflets? That it must necessarily be present, and which should not be?

Elena Ilina: First of all, the right to formulate the basic idea that the advertiser wants to convey to the potential customer. So that consumers understand this point clearly (without distortion). And should avoid grammatical and stylistic errors. Otherwise, an educated man (do not underestimate their destinations) negatively perceive such advertising.

Tatiana Pantsireva: Be sure that there are clear coordinates, including the name of the subway station. Even if a person in a car, he will know which area is firm. It is necessary to place and price list. Everyone knows that the leaflet – it zavlekalovka. In this case, the information contained in it, must be truthful. Very often, the actual prices are much higher than indicated in the leaflet. It turns away potential buyers from the advertiser.

Pavel Orlov: There should be the name of the organization, a summary of the sphere of its activity, the list of services and contacts. And there should not be anything else.

Julia Kazachuk: There are certain technical and legal requirements of its production, and everything else – is the wishes of the customer, as well as imagination and professionalism of a designer.

Sergei Golikov: When making the design layout leaflets special attention should be paid to the fact that it has developed a professional designer of the advertising agency or design studio!


How important is color in the leaflet, the game fonts, etc.?

Elena Ilina: This is very important. Here are just a question of design. You can not save on paying those whom you trust “make your face.” You need to make educated brief (TOR) and find a designer who would understand your problem. This is joint work of competent marketer and designer. However, it is impossible to go beyond, especially if advertising is addressed to business people. After all, for many years of work they are accustomed to certain rules. In this case, the outrageous can be present only within reasonable limits. Otherwise there will be rejection of advertising. If we are talking about the mass consumer, you can do a lot of things, “going beyond”.

Tatiana Pantsireva: The brighter – the better, the more attention you can attract. But again, a lot depends on the location of distribution: near the same subway makes no sense to hand out leaflets expensive.

Pavel Orlov: Color – one of the most important components of a successful ad unit. Playing with fonts is possible. However, according to studies, people are able to perceive only three different fonts on one page. Important “not to play too long” and not to exceed this limit.

Sergei Golikov: It depends again on the scope of businesses that advertise their products/services. One-color flyer less attractive than full color, but when it comes to efficiency, it is affected by many factors: from the audience, which is designed leaflet and ending with its distribution method. One of the most important factors is the design of the handbill. It should not be overloaded with flowers, the information should not be intrusive. Leaflet – a quick, inexpensive and mass way of conveying information.

Therefore, the choice of color is necessary to consider cost and profitability of the project. As for the game with fonts – it is easier. The design of any print production professional designers use no more than 2-3 fonts, but the selection of the right, the most effective font depends on the advertised products/services. By the way, the large companies are developing fonts specifically for yourself in the future, during the advertising companies, use only them.